As a professional transporting company any road transport is provided using our own modern stock of vehicles. It is equipped with the most advanced systems and is driven and managed by an experienced staff. An addition to our offer is national and international freight forwarding managed by our proven subcontractors.

The pillar of the operations of GB Automotive Poland is international transport, that is complemented by national transport services. The services provided by us are mainly:
  • dedicated express transportation,
  • fast less-than-truckload and full-truck-load transportation,
  • temperature-controlled transportation.
Fast delivery

We specialize in fast less-than-truckload transportation of packages with higher priority – with guarantee of being punctually delivered on the day of expediting or the next day after receiving the commission. The target destination is of no importance to us.

The majority of the companies from the freight forwarding and transport business relies only on their subcontractors and doesn’t own their own car fleet. Our transportation company, commanding its own stock of cars, is able to substitute a car on premises of Europe in extremely short time (maximally 2-3 hours after receiving an order). By choosing GB Automotive Poland you can be sure that experience depends on practice, not just theory, in every field – from refrigerated transport, by logistics, to international freight forwarding.

Full-truck-load freight transportation

We also provide FTL services. We have a subcontractors list.

Available semitrailers:

  • tautliner 13,6
  • curtain 13,6
  • mega colimulda – height adjustment to 3,1h

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